Secret Agent Orca 12

“Oh no! Secret Agent Orca 12 has gone rogue and there’s no one left to save the world. Now it’s up to a grieving mother and the Defense Secretary to track him down, and maybe receive some answers along the way – but remember, in the world of poetry and espionage, nothing is as it seems… “

Part of Batch A, a collaboration with Stereocat, showcasing the full range of the pamphlet form. 


A kind of spiritual prequel to Ian Macartney’s poetry pamphlet sun-drunk, Darksong is for the lunar. Poems of the moon, circling round its glow – moon-ish feelings, too, just without that satellite. To be moon-eyed; to be in love, then not. To whirl in the orbit. Sometimes the poems are funny (often they are not). The oldest is from 2014, but the most recent one appeared a decade later.

Part of Batch A, a collaboration with Stereocat, showcasing the full range of the pamphlet form. 

spontaneous pamphlet

On September 15th 2023, Ian Macartney was bored in the office. This is the result.


A man is plagued by visions of the hollow earth. Onions sprout from a dreamer’s legs. American ghost hunters search for murdered spirits, and you’re skiving Wednesday P.E. to smoke on a riverbank.

This collection brings together bold and esoteric visions from the cutting-edge of Scotland’s young literary scene, and beyond.

This is a transmission from the otherworld. Are you receiving?

Tom Byam Shaw, Rory Mullen, Miriam Schlüter, Ian Macartney, Ask Vestergaard, Mae Diansangu, Kieran Donnan, Seoras Eaglesham, Prema Arasu, Parawat Chang, Mag, Enxhi Mandija, Endija Lukstina, Arthur Allen, Fredrika Siden Cruz, Christopher Kestell, Jordan Stead, Blythe Stockdale, Shaw Worth, Savannah Brown, Murid L. Keshtmand and Orooj e-Zaffar.


Notes Towards No Subject
Notes Towards No Subject is a good synopsis as a title. There is no subject (cf. ‘maybe haha’ ‘Thanks Luce irirgary xoxoxoxox’). No need. The thing is alive, many-tentacled, distracting, self-distracting, ‘yassified’, unrelenting, clear and luminous. Ian is fundamentally interested in goodness. He has written a good book.”
— Shaw Worth

“In these varied poems, Ian Macartney convinces us that the best way to confront the ‘staggeringly real’ world – and the claims that it keeps making on our desires – is to embrace its mediation all the way down. And so the ‘I’ lets itself become a monster, the self’s expression anticipates the new language it will get burned into, and ideas are left running in deer-ish things: all in the name of a joy that we can still believe lies open.”
— Jack Belloli

An EIBF Special 
ONLY 1 LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!
A pamphlet printed for Edinburgh International Book Festival 2022, containing poems and two short stories. About literary celebrity, artistic success, etcetera.

adios nervosa: Selected Songs 2020-2024

24-song CD compilation from Ian Macartney’s electronic music project adios nervosa. Demos, failures, pop songs. 

Trapped in the Nothing Text C PDF
ONLY ∞ LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!
10th anniversary PDF of Ian Macartney’s interactive webcomic Trapped in the Nothing, created between 2013 and 2014. Users of the Indie Gamers Forum made commands, which were then used to further the story. Made entirely with MS Paint. 868 A4 pages. Includes “Secret Ending” made over Discord, circa 2023.